Camp Forms

For the fastest and easiest registration process please fill out all forms using our online forms by May 15th or at least three weeks before your session.

Log on to your CampInTouch Account. At the top right-hand corner of this page click on “Parent Login”

Next click on the yellow icon with the pencil for access to all of the necessary forms.

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These forms you will complete online:


Health History Form (to be filled out by the parent) & Immunizations The information on this form is gathered to help us provide safe and appropriate health care. All information on this form is confidential and is kept in a separate locked file. It will be reviewed ONLY by the camp nurse, trip staff and/or Camp Administration. This form must be completed and  electronically signed by a parent or adult guardian of a camper under age 18. If you register after May 15th please have forms in 3 weeks prior to the session your child is attending.

Behavior Agreement (to be filled out by both parent and camper) Please take a few moments to review the Camper Behavior Agreement with your camper. Please signify you both understand and agree to each statement by checking each of the boxes to the left. Parents and campers must complete this form before coming to camp. Use this time to have a conversation with your child before they come to camp.

Parent Information Letter (to be filled out by parent) This form helps us to better understand your camper’s needs. Your comments are very important in helping us to better serve your camper.

These forms needed to printed:

Once they are completed please scan and upload to your CampInTouch Account : ***MUST BE PDF FORMAT


Physical Form (to be filled out by doctor or nurse) this form requires a signature from the physician every year. A physical exam must be done within 24 months before attending camp. The physical form is due by May 15th or ASAP.

Parent Authorization This form requires a signature from the parent and a copy of your insurance card. Print:

Medication Form (only needed if bringing medication)

Please list any necessary medications that your camper takes. This is for prescription medication as well as non-prescription medication.

Please complete this form and bring to camp along with properly labeled containers. Containers must have:
1. Name of Camper
2. Identification of the medication
3. Complete instructions for use
4. Proper dosage
In addition, prescription medications must have
5. Prescription number
6. Date it was dispensed
7. Name of Prescribing doctor

All medications must be turned in to the Camp Nurse during our Opening Day screening. This includes prescriptions, vitamins, and over-the-counter medications. These measures are in place to ensure that each camper receives the proper medication at the proper dosage. All unused medications can be picked up on Closing Day. Please do not discontinue medication while at camp to see how your camper responds at camp without it. In most cases, the results are disappointing.