Resident Camp Packing List

Packing List

This list is intended to guide your packing. Please take into consideration your camper and any special needs they may have.

Remember to label everything your camper brings to camp – lost items that are labeled can quickly be returned to their owner. Unlabeled items are turned in to a lost and found area.

Order labels online
Please refer to Phantom Lake YMCA Camp so we receive credit. These labels work great – they stick firmly through wear and washing!

What to bring: All personal gear is brought at your own risk. Phantom Lake YMCA Camp is not responsible for lost or broken items.

Resident Camp:
· 3-4 pairs of shorts
· 2-3 pair of pants
· 6-7 T-shirts
· 2 Sweatshirt or jackets
· 1-2 pairs of tennis shoes
· Water shoes (for shallow area)
· Sandals
· 1-2 swim suits
· Cap/Hat
· 1-2 pair of pajamas
· 6 pairs of underwear
· 6 pairs of socks
· Rain jacket or poncho
· Sleeping bag or comforter
· Twin size fitted sheet
· Pillow
· 2 towels (swimming & bathing)
· Toiletries
· Laundry bag
· Comb or brush
· Flashlight
· Bug spray – non aerosol
· Water bottle
· Sunscreen – non aerosol
· YMCA Rag (returning raggers)

· Nicer outfit (sundress/polo shirt) for Friday night closing ceremony
· Card games
· Books
· Sunglasses
· Disposable Camera
· Preaddressed postcards/envelopes
· Stamps
· Writing utensils

Golf Specialty
· Golf Clubs
· Golf or Tennis shoes

Skateboard Specialty
· Skateboard
· Helmet

Soccer Specialty
· Soccer ball
· Shin guards
· Soccer shoes

And what NOT to bring:
· Knives or weapons
· Controlled substances
· Lighters/matches or fireworks
· Aerosol products
· Cell phone or pager
· Electronic games
· iPod, music players or travel TV

These items will be confiscated! Please, leave them at home!
Campers found to be in posession of weapons, drugs, alcohol or tobacco products will be dismissed from camp. Parents will be notified to pick up their camper immediately.