Assistant Counselor (AC)

AC Details

Minimum age: 17 by June 15
Duration: 3 camp sessions; 2 weekend retreats

Fee: FREE for summer sessions
$85 for Fall Retreat (October 20-22, 2017)
$50 for the Counseling AC Retreat (TBD: May 2018) *See CAC Retreat details below.

Applicants are accepted by invitation only. Criteria used will be the evaluations from both the CIT and LIT program years. Completion of pre-AC requirements and number of available spots will also be considered.

Each AC attends three total weeks during the summer – one of the last two sessions will be designated as a “Counseling” week. The counseling week allows the AC to be the lead counselor for a tent group.

Mandatory CAC Retreat will teach ACs everything they need to know to have a successful counseling week. Think of this retreat as a condensed staff training. ACs will learn the ins and outs to check in, parent interaction, behavior management, the PLYC daily schedule, SDP evaluation, and be trained in child abuse, neglect, prevention. There will be ample time to ask questions and enjoy the company of your fellow ACs.

*If unable to attend, you will be required to make up the content of this retreat in order to have an AC Counseling week.


Click Here for the 2018 AC Application

Due by November 1.

Personal Essay – MUST be submitted with the application

Please answer these questions: How do you feel you have improved as a counseling figure after your sessions this past summer? What do you feel you still need to improve on? What do you feel your strengths are here at camp? In other words, what do you bring to camp? What experiences (i.e. youth group, volunteer work, work experience) do you have that you think will help you be successful as a SDP? What are three goals you have for the upcoming summer?

Letter of Recommendation

  • Must be sent in directly from the person writing the recommendation

One new letter of recommendation is required. Participants will ask an adult for a letter of recommendation.  The adult should share a professional or academic relationship (e.g. teacher, coach, band director, job supervisor).  The letter of recommendation should describe the applicant’s current leadership abilities and potential as a participant in a leadership development program.

The letter should be completed and mailed directly to PLYC by  November 1