Leader In Training (LIT)

LIT Details

Must be 16 and have completed the CIT level
Duration: 2 camp sessions; 2 weekend retreats

Fees:  $675 summer fee for both weeks
$85 Fall Retreat (Oct 20-22, 2017)
$85 Spring Retreat (TBD: April 2018)

Campers will be accepted by invitation only, based on the satisfactory completion of the CIT experience, pre-LIT requirements, and the number of openings available.

Each participant will be highly encouraged to obtain either First Aid and/or CPR certifications.

LITs are housed with a tent family. They will work directly with a counselor and may take over the counselor’s responsibilities as directed.

Training will include opportunities to expand what was learned as a CIT, and to learn and experience various counseling skills. In addition, they will be exposed to additional program areas.

Click Here for the 2018 LIT Application

Due by November 1.

Personal Essay – MUST be submitted with the application

Please answer these questions: How do you feel you have improved as a counseling figure after your sessions this past summer? What do you feel you still need to improve on? What do you feel your strengths are here at camp? In other words, what do you bring to camp? What experiences (i.e. youth group, volunteer work, work experience) do you have that you think will help you be successful as a SDP? What are three goals you have for the upcoming summer?

Letter of Recommendation

  • Must be sent in directly from the person writing the recommendation

One new letter of recommendation is required. Participants will ask an adult for a letter of recommendation.  The adult should share a professional or academic relationship (e.g. teacher, coach, band director, job supervisor).  The letter of recommendation should describe the applicant’s current leadership abilities and potential as a participant in a leadership development program.

The letter should be completed and mailed directly to PLYC by  November 1