Add-on Specialties

AOS = Add On Specialties *Note- AOS’s are an additional cost and are NOT required. If not signed up for one the camper will choose their morning activities the Sunday they arrive.

*These are available for campers registered for our 1 week Overnight Traditional Camp. (Mag 7 & 8’s are not eligible).

AOS programs are designed to provide the perks of specialty camps (e.g. Golf, Soccer, Sailing, etc.) as an Add On Specialty to the Traditional PLYC Resident Camp Program.

8-10 hours of small group/individual AOS instruction.
2 hours of skill focused instruction each morning as the general camp population participates in 2 separate specialties during the same period of time.
AOS programs are not made available to the general camp population during the morning activity period.
Add On Specialties are led by qualified PLYC instructors & coaches.

Add On Specialties have age requirements for participation
The age requirements for AOS are set to allow for greater instruction of the small groups and individuals registered for the specialties.

Add On Specialties have limited space available.
Each AOS has capacities set for successful small group and individual instruction. For example, sailing is a program that will have a small capacity due to the number of sailboats in the PLYC fleet. The Golf Specialty is a program that requires camp transportation. The number of seats available for this program will determine program capacity. Capacities are set to ensure successful instruction.

Add On Specialty Low Enrollment/Cancellation Policy
In order for an AOS to be held, there is a minimum enrollment requirement, specific to each activity. If an AOS must be cancelled due to low enrollment, the enrolled participants will be notified. AOS charges will be refunded due to cancellation; however the general camp registration fee will remain with the understanding that the camper will attend the session.

Add-On Specialties that are FULL
Golf: Teen Camp, Coed 3 & Coed 5
Sailing: Coed 1, Coed 2, Teen Camp, Coed 3 & Coed 6

Email to be placed on the Wait List.

ADD ON SPECIALTIES – Available For All Campers 

PLYC Swim Lessons ($35 per session)
From beginner to intermediate, the PLYC swimming lessons start with a detailed evaluation of current abilities and continue with goal setting, and skill building. Lessons will be conducted in lake water with the instruction of YMCA staff.
Available ALL Sessions.

Fishing with Dr. Bob ($35 per session)
Dr. Bob has dedicated years of service to PLYC. He was a camper, cardiologist, retired now and a member of the Wisconsin Trout Unlimited Council of Officers. Dr. Bob has a wonderful program that highlights conservation, catch and release, fly tying, and fishing techniques. We have some camp fishing tackle but it is limited-it would be great if your camper could bring gear. Fly rods, reels and lines can be found on sale under $40.00. Nail knots, Albright knots, and Surgeon’s knots can be a challenge so Dr. Bob can tie these for you!
Available Coed 2 and Coed 4.

Golf Specialty ($95 per session)
You will not find a program with 8-10 hours of individual and small group instruction for the cost of the PLYC Golf Specialty. This AOS tailors to the needs of the campers. Instruction will cover every aspect of the game; including putting, chipping, pitching, course management, rules, and etiquette. Beginner golfers are welcome.
Available ALL Sessions. Teen Camp, Coed 3 & Coed 5 are FULL Email to be placed on Golf Wait List


Soccer Specialty ($40 per session)
Whether a beginner or intermediate, this is the program for your soccer player. Campers will spend the morning developing the soccer skills, through drills and a variety of workouts during the week. The Soccer AOS is the perfect way to hone your skills while enjoying the traditional camp experience.
Available ALL sessions.

Sailing Specialty ($75 per session)
Campers will learn the skills of sailing by a skilled instructor. Butterfly sailboats will be the primary teaching tool in this AOS. Instruction periods will focus on hands-on learning with the supervision of the PLYC Sailing Instructor. Limited space is available
Available ALL Sessions. Coed 1, Coed 2, Teen Camp, Coed 3 & Coed 6 are FULL Email to be placed on Sailing Wait List