Staff Development Program

Please read carefully


The program is offered to any boy or girl regardless of race, creed, national origin, or handicap. CIT candidates must have reached the age of 15 by June 15.

Candidates must receive a positive recommendation from his/her counselor and/or an adult reference. Each candidate is expected to write a letter outlining reasons why they should be considered, why they are interested in joining and what they feel they have to offer.


Included will be lectures, discussion, research, on-the-job training and two retreats. SDP retreats will be held in Fall and Springl. CITs will have their first retreat in January. The SDP Directors and CIT Directors will help guide all participants through the program. Staff and activity directors will constantly provide leadership opportunities to be met.

Letters of Support

CITs will need to have letters of support written for them prior to their acceptance into the program.

Reports and Deadlines

Reports are out lined in the particular program description. Be sure to note deadlines. Failure to meet deadlines for reports. applications, etc. may result in your being dropped from the program.


Good grooming and personal neatness in dress is always expected. We reserve the right to ask candidates to change their dress or appearance if it causes negative reactions from parents, peers, staff or campers.


A major requirement of the out of camp portion of your training enters on sharing your Phantom experience with potential campers in your area. Many idea will be suggested, but the job of recruiting is yours! You will receive information on your recruiting requirements at the retreats or by mail.


There will be several different meetings that SDPs will be required to attend every session. The SDP meeting will be held at 10:00 am on Sunday of arrival day for the session(s) you are assigned. A general meeting for all staff and SDPs will be held at 11:00 am on Sunday of the arrival day. This meeting allows you to meet with your counselor and activity directors. Daily SDP meeting will be held directly after breakfast each day. SDPs are required to attend the daily staff meeting on the day their counselors is on day stretch.


All participants of the SDP program are considered campers until they are formally contracted to join the camp staff.


All SDPs are evaluated as each session progresses, and more formally at the end of each SDP session. Each activity director and counselor who has direct supervision of the SDP will write evaluations. The SDP Director and/or CIT Director will file a final session evaluation and recommendation and will meet individually with the participant to discuss these evaluations.